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The Actress 
Edinburgh Fringe 2022

The Actress

A Long Lane Theatre Company Production

Written and directed by Andrew Pearson-Wright

1660, London England. Charles II has returned to the country to take the throne and immediately reopened the theatres. Speculation is swirling around London that for the first time a woman will be allowed onto the stage. The Kings company invite two very different women, from very different backgrounds to join them, planning to use only one of them for the role of Desdemona in their upcoming production of Othello. Eventually the choice is made - Anne Marshall becomes the first professional actress of the British stage but while her competitor Margaret Hughes rises to fame and fortune Anne becomes a forgotten footnote in History, eventually even having this incredible achievement taken from her and attributed to Margaret. The play explores why that was and tells the incredible true story of the two woman that would shape the paths of those that would follow them. 


Anne Marshall      Charlotte Price

The Girl                 Hattie Chapman

Peggy Hughes         Eve Pearson-Wright

Thomas Killigrew   Andrew Loudon

Sir Charles Sedley   Matthew Hebden

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